Well, hello there!

Everyone knows that the best comics (you know, the ones from when you were a kid) were colored about as terribly as I am. This is mostly because they were colored quickly by hand, and then little sheets of colored film were cut out by little old ladies in an attic to correspond to the colors. The film was used to create plates that were then used on the big, old four-color presses, which constantly printed the colors off-register.

Of course, in the nineties, new computer graphics technology replaced all this. Little old ladies were thrown, jobless, into the street all over the country. Nevermore would comics be sullied by substandard coloring!

But then, there was a certain charm to those old comics, wasn’t there? Something the super-slick, gradient-filled, lens-flared color art of today can’t quite match? Do you think, perhaps, there’s some way that today’s high-tech computer graphics software might, just might, be able to reproduce that effect in some small way?

You betcha there is! I’ve worked out a pretty simple way of mocking up an old-style look, and I’m going to share it with you right here!

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