Okay, what we need to do here is bring the texture from the paper out onto the linework and the colors. This is a little hard to explain, so pay attention.

First thing we need to do is go into Quickmask mode. It’s that little square at the bottom of your tools pallette. See it? Great. Go ahead and click on that, and it’ll bring you into quickmask mode, which won’t look any different at first. Go back, open up your newsprint file, (you did already scan a piece of newsprint, didn’t you?) and copy it again. Paste it into your piece, making sure you stay in quickmask. Still doesn’t look like much, but we’ll be improving on that in just a moment.

What we’re going to do is exaggerate the texture of the newsprint so we can pull it out of the linework.

Open up the Image/Adjustments/Levels menu, and you should get a dialogue box like this:

Pull the little arrows over into the area with the largest spike, and you should start to notice that the area over your drawing is turning mostly red. That’s good, that’s what you want. It should have a slight textured look to it, as well. When you’re satisfied, go ahead and exit Quickmask by clicking on the little square on the left, next to where you clicked to get into Quickmask.

Once you’re out of Quickmask, you’ll have all sorts of marching ants all over your screen. If you don’t want to look at them (and I never do) just hit Comand-H (CTRL-H on PC, I think) and they’ll go invisible. Go back into your channels pallette, and select only the black layer. Make sure your background color is white, go to the Edit/Fill menu command (or hold shift-delete [or backspace you PC user, you]), click ok, and you’ll end up with something that looks like this:

Again we end the page with something that doesn’t look very good! Press on!

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