The thing we need to fix now is that horrible, glaring white background. Look at your old comics. That paper isn’t white in the least! We’ve got to get something into that background right away! But a flat, yellowish color won’t quite do the trick, will it? No, we need something with a little texture. A certain je ne sais quoi… something… newsprinty.

Now, you can’t really see it, because it’s the same thing I used for the background of this page, so I put a black border around it. This is a piece of old, yellowing newsprint I found in my roommate’s bedroom and scanned a few years ago. It’s come in very handy– I heartily recommend scanning interesting textures and colors as you find them. You never know when you’ll come across something useful.

Anyway, I opened up the newsprint file, and copied the whole thing, pasting it down over the entire image. Then I set the newsprint layer to “multiply.”

The result of that is this:

Gosh, that looks a lot better, doesn’t it? But we’re still not done! The confusing stuff lies ahead!

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