Hello, folks!

Remember that old paperback you found on that shelf in the cabin by the lake your family rented when you were in third grade? That box of old comic strip collections you picked up at the library book sale and spent your entire winter break reading?

Those books were pretty beat up, weren’t they? But something about their condition made them seem somehow more loved than other books. They’d been around, sure, but somebody’d read those books. They’d meant something to someone.

We’d all like people to feel that way about our own work, right? But what are you gonna do? Publish a book and then leave it in your garage for fifteen years before you release it? Of course not! There’s a remarkably simple way of achieving that same sort of look on the cover of your book without actually having to go through the trouble of leaving it on your bedroom floor for several years!

This is the second version of this tutorial. The first one gained some attention, but seemed painfully inadequate for people who didn’t know what they were doing, and painfully basic for people who did know what they were doing. So I’m reworking it to carefully go over all the steps in creating the demonstration piece. I’m assuming you don’t know much about Photoshop, and doing this in the same style as my other tutorial.

All right, here we go!