EDIT August 10: This page was a fight all the way through! It took me so long to draw and color I haven’t been able to get another strip done for this week, so all I can post is the finished piece.

I’ve got another couple projects I’m working on at the same time as this and all I can put towards it is one or two days a week– and a really detailed page like this takes longer than that. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make money with this comic so I can work on it full time. In the meantime, I’m going to create a new section for sketches and process to post the pencils I posted here last week and any other stuff like that I feel like posting. I’ll make a front page post when that’s done.


Aw, phooey. I really wanted to get this strip up so you’re getting it in pencil form. I’m actually posting this from my studio exactly fourteen minutes before it goes live.

What’s going on in that last panel is they’re arriving at the Memorial, which is that blue blob in front of the church.

This page is taking a long time because of all the architecture, and I’ve got another project I’m trying to finish up at the same time. I also foolishly spent a couple hours meticulously measuring out the window placements in panel two that got completely covered up by the word balloons. I’ll replace this with the finished one as soon as I can– it’ll definitely be done by the time next week’s strip goes up, I promise!