Edit 8/31: Final colors are up! Whew! Hopefully back next week, but I’ve got a lot of work I’m still catching up on.

Edit 8/30: Here’s the flat colors tonight, and I’ll have the finished colors up an hour or so after I get into my studio tomorrow morning! Gosh, the last couple pages have been taking a long time. Lots of detail and perspective. I think there are another 5 pages (gulp!) with this level of environmental detail, then I’ll be moving into a scene that requires less perspective!


I hate to say this, everyone, but I need to take a couple weeks off to catch up on the other projects I’ve got going on. This strip is taking too much time and I’m falling behind on other stuff that people are expecting from me. Until this is my full-time gig, it’s going to have to take a back seat to paying work.

Here’s the pencils for the strip I wanted to have up today. I’ll have the finished version up on August 31st, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll continue weekly from there. I expect there may be a few more hiccups on the way, since I’m about to start a very labor intensive project (that is also very exciting!) and that’s going to take most of my attention for the next eight or nine months.


In any case– see you back here on August 31st!