I just happened across these two pages I drew back in 2001. I remembered drawing these, but I’m a little surprised to find that I drew them that long ago; I was still working on Highway 13 at the time. (If you remember that at all, you might notice a very small cameo on page 2.)

You can see that I was struggling a bit with perspective at this point. I think I was also planning to redo the lettering on the second page. What’s most fun for me is that so many parts of what I’d end up using are already present, but in a different way. Also Jupiter’s name was Dickie right up until I was doing the final lettering on the page he finally appeared on in the story as it appears on this website.

I think I might have the first 20-30 pages of this laid out somewhere, not fully drawn. I’ll see if I can dig those up. If I remember, it goes wildly off in a different direction than the current version.