I sat down last week to draw the next page, and it felt wrong. The scene coming up is the climactic scene of the entire story, and it didn’t work. Jonny and Gretchen didn’t have to work hard enough, the danger wasn’t dangerous enough, and the pacing. The pacing was awful!

Anyway, I’m reworking the last segment of the book. I’m making it work better, but it involves rewriting and newly laying out about ten pages, and adding in two more pages. I think it works quite a bit better, but it’s put me behind.

On top of the rewrite, I took a short-term freelance job (designing some pretty cool figurines based on comic strip characters that I’ll let you know about when they come out) because I like eating food and living indoors, and people keep demanding money for that, and the job has taken up a few days of my work time. I should be done with that tomorrow! After that, I have another job doing illustrations for a preschool math book (another in the TinkerActive series, my third!) that I expect to take about a month and a half, so updates may be spotty for a while. Come next year I’m going to be juggling both this and another graphic novel, but come heck or high water, I’m going to get this comic done by next summer!