Continuing my reminiscence from last week, when I set out to draw a 120-page story, the longest story I’d ever drawn at that point had been 22 pages. 120 pages seemed near-impossible, especially since I was challenging myself to draw lots of environments and cars, two things which had been hard for me. I was also determined to fit in a lot of detail, which led me to the decision to draw my pages at 18×24 inches. Eventually that shifted to splitting pages onto two 11×17 sheets, then to full digital drawing just as of page 112.

Since that time, I’ve drawn a few other 120 page books, lots of 22-page comic issues, and one 244-page graphic novel, but this one is still my big challenge. I’m real excited to finish it up.

Then you all get to see what I’ve got planned for Jonny Crossbones: Trouble at Camp Heron! (Still working on that title…)