I realize I didn’t post this here, and many of you likely don’t follow my other blogs/twitter/facebook/tumblr/whatever so you wouldn’t have seen it: First Second has announced Old Souls, the project I’ve been working on with writer Brian McDonald for the last few months and that will be occupying my time for much of the next year.

It’s a much more mature story than Jonny Crossbones and deals with some heavy themes about responsibility, addiction, and family. I think it’s going to be a great book when I’m done with it. Brian has an excellent track record and the script is great.

I also did a fair amount of work on Head Games, coming next fall, also from First Second. I did backup work on that, finishing pages that circumstances prevented Kevin Singles, the primary artist, from finishing. That one is also more mature, being a gritty crime adventure featuring two-fisted novelist Hector Lassiter from Craig McDonald’s novel series. Craig also wrote the script for the adaptation, and I think the finished book looks great.

I’ve been working with a lot of writers named McDonald, apparently.