Now I’ve gone in and finished the backgrounds for the last few panels. It really makes the page look a lot better, doesn’t it? Next I’ve just got to erase the pencils.

Once I’ve erased the pencils, I’m pretty much done. Sometimes I just scan straight from this. But I’ve gotten obsessive about having the original pages look completely finished, (I’ve even had a gallery show of them, so it’s not really as crazy as it sounds) so I usually pull out a brush and some ink and fill in the blacks.

Ohh that makes it look all nice. Now all I have to do is scan it and I’m all done (except for the lettering and coloring which I’m not going to talk about here.)

And that’s what the final, scanned page looks like! Since I’m working at such a large size and I only have a letter-sized scanner, I have to scan each tier in two parts. So, eight scans and some time rebuilding and I’m ready to color! That’s covered elsewhere.